About Us

At the age of thirteen, Jonny decided that he would one day have his own bike shop. He loved all that bike shops were; the smell, the sights, the culture. Nothing excited the pimply teen more than the prospect of one day owning something as magical and special as a Bike shop. 

The thing about dreams is that they take a long time and a whole lot of graft to turn into reality. After years of riding and tweaking on bikes, Jonny progressed to managing a large Bike workshop and even wrenching for professional teams and athletes. With each progression of Jonny's career the dream grew more possible.

Beyond anyones expectations the shop grew very quickly with a huge demand for quality bikes,  reasonable prices and personable service. 

Today Jonny Sprockets has the largest range of Mountain Bikes in the area as well as a great range of BMX, Family, Retro, and Road bikes. 


Jonny's first bike. Had to be blue.
Jonny's first bike. Had to be blue.