With 15 years experience servicing and repairing all brands of bicycles, Jonny Sprockets has the expertise required to make your ride roll sweet. 

So sweet, that we guarantee it.

Bike Service

Keeping your bike in top working order doesn't need to be complicated, so we have four basic service options. Bronze, silver and Gold prices exclude service parts.

YES- We work on any brand of bicycle! From department store cheapies to high end race machines, we've got it covered.

Bronze- Tune and adjust gears, brakes and running systems, Basic Wash. $66

Silver- As per bronze with inclusion of drivetrain degrease, bearing relube and wheel service. $99

Gold - As per silver service with full strip and rebuild of all systems. $229

Platinum for high end Road bike  - Full strip and rebuild of all systems. Full cable, brake pad, chain and bar tape replacement. Price includes cables, chain, brake pads, bar tape. $399

Platinum for high end Mountain bike  - Full strip and rebuild of all systems including suspension and bearing/bushing in linkage systems. Price includes oil/seals/bearings/bushing parts. $699

Turnaround- Bronze and silver services can generally be completed within 24hrs. Gold service may require 48hrs or longer. Platinum service turnaround on application.

Suspension and Disc Brakes

We do hitech

We service all major suspension and brakes in-house, including Fox, Rockshox and Marzocchi

Service starts at $66

Shimano and Avid disc brakes bled and adjusted in-house. 

Work starts at $22 

Other work

We can fix just about anything.

What if - my bike doesn't need a service but needs a part fitted, or adjusted?

We charge in 15 minute blocks. Starts at $22

I bought parts online- we will happily fit parts purchased online, but please ask us first as we do our best to match online stores.

Service Guarantee

We stand by our work.

Still got a bike issue? - If your bike has been in for work and it's still not right, that's not good enough!

We want to make things right.


Bring your bike back within five days and we will get it right- 100% free of charge. We will also include a free bottle of Bicycle lube for the trouble. 

Repair Booking

Generally bookings are not required and we can fit your bike in most days, but if you'd like to let us know you're coming, it makes things a little easier to plan. Thanks!

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